Uncover your soul’s blueprint for your highest potential (in all areas of your life) and make it a reality, now.

Do you feel like something in your life needs to change but you can’t get it to slow down long enough to even think about how to do that?

When you look at your life do you feel like you made a series of “right choices” like going to a good college, getting a “successful job”, getting married, buying a house and now you’ve “arrived” but you’re not even sure if you like your life? Do you feel this “larger than life, crazy amazing, I can’t believe that could actually be MY life” dream looming in the background? Maybe you know exactly what that dream is, or maybe you know it’s there but you can’t quite put it into words, and either way, making it happen feels pretty much impossible from where you’re standing. Maybe you’ve made so many changes in your life from prioritizing self-care, creating your “dream job” and checking all the boxes, but when you’re real with yourself, you’re stressed out and not really as happy as you thought you’d be at this point. There has to be something more, you think.
Well good news, there is.
But the way you’ve been trying to “get there” is wrong. An amazing life isn’t just about having fun, getting in your self care, having the perfect family and creating a lucrative job you like. An amazing life has everything to do with how closely you are living to your soul’s blueprint.

Your soul’s blueprint is as unique as your fingerprint.

It’s an elegant, deep, meaningful, dynamic way of living that only you can access. It doesn’t look like anyone else’s and you can’t get there by following the rules or someone else’s blueprint. Your soul’s blueprint has information about all sorts of things from your ideal career, how you express yourself creatively, your personal style, the way you parent, how you like to be touched, where you travel, how you connect with the divine and how you decorate your living room (which can and should be a spiritual experience).

The Live More Method uses spiritual ceremony and ritual to discover the wisdom, answers and capabilities of your soul and brings in strategic coaching to make it all a reality.

I’m talking like in the next couple months. We just don’t have time to be messing around.

Here’s the pattern I see

Most women create lives around the people we love. And we don’t even know we’re doing it. Even those of us who have our own businesses, are climbing the corporate ladder, or traveling the world create lives around the people we love, sometimes even more so, because we feel guilty for doing something for ourselves. We believe that putting our desires first somehow makes everyone else’s lives a bit worse (kids get neglected, savings get drained, we embarrass our parents) because we’re following our dreams.

Creating lives around the people we love typically looks like this:

We create a list of all of the “rules” of our lives as dictated by our relationships. Most of these we do subconsciously like…
  • I have to be home at 3 to meet my kids after school.
  • I have to have a steady job so my parents accept me.
  • I can’t take a dip in my income because I have to contribute financially to my relationship.
  • I can’t get into a relationship because I’m focusing on work right now.
  • I have to do the dishes and laundry and go to the grocery store because who else is going to!
  • I have to walk the dog everyday.

The list goes on and on and on.

So we start with all these rules, and then we try to create a life that fits in with all these rules. A life that won’t upset the rules, challenge them, upset anyone or ask anything of anyone else. Well maybe we will ask a little, here and there like watching the kids for a weekend getaway, or telling our friend we can’t plan her birthday party this year. But that’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about goes much, much deeper.
Imagine you had a life where you...
loved what you did more than anything, you had enough money that you didn’t have to worry about it, you felt at home in your body, had an incredible sex life, felt deeply in love with your partner, close to your family, had no Mom guilt (ok, maybe just less Mom guilt, that’s a toughy), laughed all the time, went on great adventures and felt truly alive. Maybe it’s not all of these things all the time (we are human) but it is most of the time, like 95%. I think that’s pretty damn good.
Here’s the deal:
Some people will lead you to believe having all of those things like it’s a piece of cake. Like you can put on some lipstick, book a massage and magically feel like you’re fully in charge of your life, but the truth is that creating this, that is the process of identifying and developing a life that is in full alignment with your soul’s blueprint, is really, really hard. Maybe the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do because you have to take a hard look at your life and make some serious changes. Instead of creating your life based on what everyone else needs, you have to think about what YOU need in order to reach your highest potential. This is why I’ve created the space, guidance and community for you to go through this process, because it’s not going to be a cakewalk, just sayin'.
So why work with me?
Over the past seven years I have coached over a thousand women in creating an amazing life so they no longer need food to be happy. These women have accomplished the most incredible things both with their bodies and their lives (you can read about their experiences of working with me on this page). When I first started my program Live More Weigh Less I thought women were holding back on living their best life because of their bodies, but it actually went way deeper than that. They were holding back because they were worried that living the life they wanted was going to upset someone else and they didn’t feel strong enough to ask for what they wanted. Over time I have adjusted Live More Weigh Less to talk more about discovering your soul’s blueprint but I needed a clean slate, free of the details of healing from emotional eating to REALLY get in there and dedicate my full attention to just this topic.

In my own life, I have been fiercely dedicated to identifying my soul’s blueprint and making it a reality.

In the past three years I have
  • Gone from financially scraping by with tons of credit card debt, to being financially abundant
  • Created an amazing relationship with my body where I feel more beautiful, grounded and sexy than ever at a higher weight and not being embarrassed or shy about it
  • Had two children
  • Grown my online program, did two live events and changed my business model twice
  • Worked tirelessly on my relationship to create one of deep love, passion and respect
  • Moved into my dream home in San Francisco
  • Dedicated myself to studying the divine feminine and participated in the 13 Moon mystery School priestess initiation.
  • Developed deeper friendship with my old friends and made a whole pack of new ones
  • Expressed myself creatively through singing more, doing interior design for myself and my friends and taking dance classes.
Creating all of this was not easy. My husband Jonathan is in his surgery residency, works from 5am - 9pm and makes very little money, I’ve had many difficult conversations, pissed people off, said “no” a lot and cried and cried and cried. But LIVING this life in alignment with my soul’s blueprint feels so freaking good. And look, there is nothing easy about having two kids, a husband in residency and a business to run. It’s hard, but, my life is real, it feels like my own, I feel alive, present and grounded.

I’m in it, and I am constantly choosing it, making adjustments and rolling up my sleeves because that’s what it takes for me to derive meaning and get the most out of my life. I want to support you to do the same.

But I don't want you to join because you want to be me. I want you to join because you want to be YOU.

“Get ready to have your life transformed! Sarah's soulful practical direction is exactly what this world needs more of. Working with her was the catalyst to me going after what I truly wanted in my life. I'm no longer hiding and I'm definitely not waiting for my life to start. Working with Sarah was one of the best decisions that I have ever made, I promise you won't regret it." ASHLEY ABBS
Here’s how the Live More Method works and
what you can expect from our program
The Format: This online program and community is delivered in six modules that I outline below. The program is delivered in audio format so you can set up your sacred space, pop me in your ear and go deep. We start each module with a guided visualization where you'll gather intuitive insights and inner truths, then we move into the strategy around how to weave those knowings into your life and take action. You'll also hear from women just like you who have used the Live More Method to uncover their soul's blueprint.

The Community: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of the women in this community in person at talks and events, retreats, and through Live More Weigh Less. I can say this with full confidence, every single woman I have met has a sparkle in her eyes, a fierce dedication to having an interesting life and is just so incredibly warm, smart and lovely. It's a very diverse crowd of different ethnicities, backgrounds, ages, stages and career fields from all over the world. All of this is to say that you will be in good company when you join our private facebook group.

The Impact: Women come into this program feeling confused about who they, what they want or where they want to take their lives. Often they are mother's who've lost a sense of identity, or lawyers who just realized they hate their jobs (they tell me they would also hate their lives if they had one), or empty nesters who have an opportunity to start over, or soul searchers who are committed to knowing their deepest self. Women complete the program with clarity and have already taken major action. Women change jobs, break off bad relationships, start writing a book or dramatically grow their business... to name a few.
Time commitment:
The Live More Method is broken down into three phases…
  • Phase One: space for Dreaming
    November 30th - January 5th.

    The space for dreaming phase is all about creating space in your life so you can actually start to hear your soul (she speaks very quietly). I’ll be sending you things to think about and direction on how to start creating space in your life. There’s no way anyone has time or the bandwidth to get on live calls over the holidays, so I want you to enjoy your Christmas parties and start to dust off your big dreams. I’ll be sending you very juicy questions and guidance weekly over email.

  • Phase two: Adopting the Live More Method
    January 5th - February 19th.

    We will have 6 live coaching calls (with one week off in the middle) on Wednesdays at 5pm ET / 2pm PT. This is when all the big stuff is going to happen (more details below). Calls will be about 90 minutes and will start with a guided visualization, ceremony or ritual to connect and uncover your soul’s blueprint and then we will dive into strategies and action steps to create your life. You will have the opportunity to submit your questions and challenges and I will select a handful of women to coach live during the call. Here’s the deal with me: I have high expectations, I don’t fuck around and I am going to love the crap out of you. This means that you are going to be expected to act on the intentions you set in the program rapidly and I am going to hold you accountable. This is not a soft soul discovery program, this is a “let’s make shit happen” program.

  • Phase three: Sustain Living More
    February 19th - March 19th.

    It’s hard to end a program, we can feel so high and then life happens. imagine this a lot like college, it’s like pretend real life where you get to practice being an adult with some supervision:). During this month you will be invited to live full out in the life you have created during our program, but stuff will come up, changes will still be made and there will be some growing pains. You will still have access to me and our community in our online forum and will have two live coaching calls (Wednesday, March 2nd and Wednesday, March 16th) at 5pm ET / 2pm PT where everyone will have the opportunity to get coaching from me.

  • ”Working with Sarah was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Such serious transformation happened (and continues to happen) for me... It was like a tsunami of my own power and potential suddenly rushing toward me. And all I had to do was pick my jaw up off the floor, take a deep breath, and say an emphatic, 'YES.' It's the only program I've ever finished thinking, 'Whoa. I should have paid more for that.' ”
  • ”The best part of working with Sarah is that there’s is no shame at all because she has been there and is a real live example of how it works. Knowing that she is in my corner and is exclusively dedicated to me getting freedom around this in a completely new way than ever before is so fresh, fun and exciting. Sarah Jenks is Geneen Roth meets Mama Gena, and her genius is unlocking the code to truly embracing your body by bringing huge amounts of play, love and femininity into your life.”
  • ”Sarah is a rare combination of deep wisdom, insight, and grounded know how. She has an uncanny and powerful ability to see what you are being called to do in the world and then stating it to you in frank direct and totally empowering way. She has been a catalyst for powerful decisions that I have made in my own life. Listen to her!!”
The Live More Method Flow
  • Step 1: Space.
    This step of clearing the energy leaks and identifying all the ways you keep “busy” and muddy your life is so fun for me to work through with you! Again, you can’t hear your soul if you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off.
  • Step 2: Identify your soul’s blueprint for your highest potential.
    This is not something you can "figure out" with your head. It’s something you need to discover with your heart. Because of that we’ll be using amazing soul-centered spiritual work to dive into the depths of your potential and bring into the surface.
  • Step 3: Identify and remove the distractions.
    There are definitely a lot of things that are holding you back not only from hearing your soul’s blueprint for your highest potential, but achieving it. Things like thinking you’re too fat, too broke, too single, too far away from your family, too young or too old to make a change. All of your excuses and distractions are going to start dropping like flies.
  • Step 4: Create new rules to support your blueprint
    Since you’ve been spending so much time trying to create a life around the people you love, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and rebuild to have a life that supports your highest potential. We’ll also be talking about how by you living more is actually going to allow the people around you to live more, even though it feels like the opposite.
  • Step 5: Difficult Conversations
    Changing the rules in your life means doing things differently than you did before. Maybe you always said yes to your family coming to stay with you and now you have to tell them you need the space to be with you partner. Maybe you need to quit your job, tell your husband you want to sell the house or tell your kids you have to give away your insane rescue dog. We’ll map out all of the conversations you need to have, how to have them and be there to hold your hand when you do.
  • Step 6: Make shit happen
    Now that all the space is cleared and people have been told about your new plans, it’s time to make it happen! We’ll talk about strategies to make everything you desire come true including your work, relationships, travel, friendships, family, creativity, home and spirituality. We’ll be dedicating two weeks to this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Live More Weight Less and Live More Method?
Live More Weigh Less is a non-diet alternative to weighing less, whether that’s physically, mentally or emotionally in all areas of your life. It’s an 8 week online virtual program designed to be taken at your own pace with the support of the online community and Mentors.  It includes a journal to help guide you through each module that supports and supplements the curriculum. The program is focused on healing all areas of your life so you can finally break free from emotional eating.

Live More Method is a virtual self-study program designed to support you in creating the blueprint for your life so you can reach your highest potential. You'll journal, dream and then start taking serious action on the topics that most need your attention to make it all possible through writing prompts and 6 modules. This program is for the woman who is tired of living by everyone else’s rules and knows she’s destined for so much more and needs some support helping her break out of the mold she’s currently living her life within to live in true alignment with her desires and finally feel truly alive and fulfilled.

What makes the Live More Method different than other programs out there?
Here's the deal, I didn't create this program to fill a gap in the personal development industry.  I created it because I'm passionate about helping women get to the core of who they are and make a life that supports that.  And it's different (not better) because I'm leading it, so if you like my flavor of crazy, you'll love the program.  If I annoy you, you should probably skip it.  Also, this isn’t another course you’re going to invest in and put on the shelf to go back and reference when you feel like it.  You’ll be fully committed and engaged for the entirety of the course, focused on creating your perfect life based on your desires and dreams. You’ll make the moves necessary to achieve everything you’re working toward in real-time, not when it’s most ideal, because let’s face it, that time may never come.

When do we get started?
You get instant access to the member's site immediately. I encourage you to spend some time with the writing prompts and meditations before diving into the recorded lessons and teachings, but it's up to you to decide what pace is best for you and work through the program that's most sustainable for you and your growth.

Is there a guarantee or return policy?
I feel so confident in this program and I'm so invested in your success that I want to give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you fully participate in all of the writing prompts, and work through the first recorded call within 30 days of enrollment and aren't satisfied, I will happily issue you a full refund for the program.

I only want women who are fully committed to doing the work.  There will be no refunds for lack of participation or changing your mind..
you’re worth it
So you can keep going like you’re going, walking on eggshells, feeling a bit flat, trying to spice things up with good chocolate and some great vacations, telling yourself you should just be satisfied with your great life, or you can dig in and see what your are really meant to get up to, and create the life you are truly meant to live. When do we get started?

Enter in the amount you would like to pay for the Live More Method in the field below. You will receive your login information on Tuesday, November 15th, after the sale has ended.
“Sarah helped me to really find what was making me unhappy in my life. I have tried so many things and this is the first time I felt like I was doing the real work. What I found was me – the real me – the me that has been dying to break out. As a result I am ready to take bigger risks, have connected with my partner in a way we haven’t in years, and I’m actually starting to enjoy my life so much more than what I ever thought I could." GEADA FORD
A Note From Sarah
Above all else, I am very excited to get to know you and the other women in this program. Having the opportunity to hold space for you in this deep transformation is a true honor. We are going to have a wonderful time together. Love, sarahssignature
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